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i am skyhigh, I live my life Skyhigh everyday that i am blessed to open my eyes. skyhigh industries is more than  just a  brand.  It  is  a  way  of  life.  It's a lifestyle Choice of living greater than the means you were born with and overcoming adversity as it comes. it means you operate on a higher frequency than others, but in return I have to serve my calling of a greater purpose and excell over all others expectations!

We are ambitious go-getting entrepreneurs, who appreciate the value in seeing the bigger picture at all times, because we operate best at a birds eye view. we never conformed to the mundane, day to day narrow minded ways of what most would expect. We thrive in intense, high pressured situations that typically is where we find growth in our energy that takes us higher and higher each time. we possess the ability to lead & influence a nation of people through hits of rhyme and rhythm.

here at topline / skyhigh industries: 

we are proud to be your next generation of hitmakers!

our mission: "is to provide a universal balance within the industry by creating a lane we can all fly in." we promise to always provide you with the best of the best, all of the time, no exception. i vow to always be in tune with the people and what the people want.  i will always be the visionary who pays attention to what the people say and need. "take me to the top, sky! all the way to the top!"

the people say skyhigh is the best but i say why don't you listen yourself and tell me yourself. don't be like the rest but be above the rest, even if you did not know it yet, soon you will! if I had to describe skyhigh / topline music and what our sound personifies, it would essentially be three words:

"Fusion music genre" 

Music  is  my  way  of life, my  bloodline, and my pulse. it's the  essence  of  my  being and that is why skyhigh is your topline for every company it reaches and contributes too everytime.  Skyhigh motto: we dream big, think big, and do big things 24|7, night and day, rain or snow we never stop being fly. - always

" skyhigh "


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